Nadine for FBISD

Campaign Vision- The 4 Point Plan

  1. Equity

    Through my work as a school volunteer and as a college fair representative, I have had the pleasure to meet students from across Fort Bend ISD. Our district is filled with amazing students. These students have passions, dreams, and the willingness to learn.

    However, we have high schools that do not offer certain programs and classes to their students who need them, all the way down to elementary and middle schools that limit the potential of our gifted students by not offering any services.

    We should remember that a school district should be encouraging learning, not suppressing it. By listening to our students and families and discovering their needs, we can make this right. When we listen to our FBISD families, we can learn what programs and courses will be successful at a specific campus. After all, no one knows a campus better than that campus’s students, families, and teachers. By actually following Texas state education plans (and not just at the minimum level), we can make this right. Let us demand that we follow all Texas state plans for education and that we adhere to them at the highest level. When we expect the best of ourselves, we can only then expect the best of our students. By using distance learning for certain courses, by creating innovative programming, or by not demanding such large course sizes, we can make this right. Changing the ways we think about the traditional classroom model will allow us to offer more courses at more campuses for those interested students. There is no excuse for us to not explore these options. For standing up for our forgotten campuses, we can make this right. Every student deserves a quality education in Fort Bend ISD. Every campus deserves quality programs and educators. When we forget students or campuses, we have failed at the job of trustee. Let us never limit the potential of any of our children.

  2. Stability

    Change is hard. And while change can be hard for adults, it can be even harder for children. Repeated change can be even more difficult.

    When a child and a family has grown accustomed to a school, to an environment, and to a particular way of doing things, it can be traumatic to rip all of that away from them. Equally traumatizing is the constant threat of school rezoning and rebalancing every year while never making any concrete decisions. Talk about a lack of stability!

    I share in these concerns with you. Families and children need stability. However, things do not need to be the way they are now. Long term (10 year), fiscally responsible planning, where we use our current facilities is possible. Planning where we listen to communities instead of paid (and often inaccurate) consultants is possible. I am willing to make the decisions based on objective data that make sense. The decisions that give families stability while ensuring the educational standards of their children. Living in limbo does not have to be the norm. There is a better way forward.

  3. Safety

    I send three children to school each day- one to an elementary school, one to a middle school, and one to a high school. Their safety and the safety of all FBISD students is paramount to me. There should be absolutely no reason for our students to not be safe when they go to school.

    However, in the 2018 Bond, very little funds were actually earmarked for safety. Yet, safety was touted as a big part of the bond. Furthermore, the funds allocated towards safety may not actually help keep our students safe (such as fences around portable classrooms).

    We need to not only prevent dangers from entering our school, but we need to be proactive and protect our schools from the inside out. This will require an admission of the mental health crisis in our schools and the willingness to deal with this issue. We need our school counselors and administration to work in tandem with parents and families to address mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, self-harm, and perfectionism, among others . All campus administration, teachers, and students need to be involved in the safety planning for their campus. This way they can take ownership of the responsibility of keeping their campus safe. There is nothing more important than the safety of our children. It is time we started acting like it.

  4. Transparency

    How do we really know what is going on within FBISD? Do you believe you have the right to know as a community member and a tax-payer? So do I.

    It is time for the truth. It is time for our elected officials and our school administration to be honest with us. Nothing good can ever come out of secrecy. We need board meeting agendas and materials to be accurate. We need decisions, such as those involving rezoning, to be made with community feedback. Board trustees must actively communicate with parents and families in a respectful manner and not ignore their constituents. If elected to Trustee position 7, I promise to be transparent and honest and willing to communicate and meet openly with the people of FBISD. If we are doing the right things, there should be nothing to hide.